Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our members and our customers personal and financial information given by our site's privacy, protection and other matters specified in the relevant rules of the Privacy Policy has been adopted.

1. The measures necessary for the safety of the site and the process entered information, ESDİ Ltd. Co. and related organizations card system and has been in the web infrastructure.All credit card and debit card transactions and approvals by us independently related to banks and similar institutions card online as a customer and the bank / card is conducted as between organizations.Therefore, information regarding Credit Card password is no way to be seen by ESDİ Ltd. Co. and can not be recorded.

2. Customers' membership to our site, products and services to buy, the information they enter for the purpose of updating information, particularly confidential information related to credit cards and debit cards can not be viewed by other Internet users. Our website has taken all the security measures will be in violation of our web site privacy rules, and guarantees members and customers in this regard.

3. Information about members and customers only shared with the related organizations in accordance with our responsibilities under the law of information.

4. Our website may link to other websites, where you can view all the terms and conditions for use and operation of the site that privacy and security policy is valid. Advertising on our website, content to see or any other use of information from other web sites accessible by any objective ethical principles of the likewise site privacy-security principles, conflicts that may arise with the quality of service and other applications that reason, our company is not responsible from the financial and moral damage and losses.

5. Any information contained on our website, document, all intellectual-property rights and property rights for the use of contents and images are partly owned by our company (except, according to the agreement with the exception of those belonging to third parties). Our company reserves the right to take legal action in case of violation of these rights.

6. Customers can not be returned products produced by special request, the rapid deterioration or expired the possibility of a product. Clients are deemed to have accepted these conditions when buying these products.

7. Customers also receive information from our Customer Service phone number 08505323982 , e-mail address or can consult ESDİ Ltd. Co.

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